Instant Slic3r

Instant Slic3r

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Author: David Michael Moore
Avg. price: $20.69
Publisher: Packt Publishing; 1 edition (September 25, 2013)
Format: Paperback
Length: 68 pages
Language: English

Book Description

Publication Date: September 25, 2013 | Edition: 1 | ISBN-10: 1783284978 | ISBN-13: 978-1783284979

Unravel the mysteries behind taking a virtual model and turning it into a physical object


  • Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results
  • Use Slic3r to make your printed objects the best quality possible
  • Make Slic3r work for you, automating tasks and doing post processing on Slic3r output
  • The book is put together in a friendly and accessible manner to help walk you through the learning and how to use the software

In Detail

One of the most critical parts of 3D printing is taking a 3D model and converting it to a format that a 3D printer can print. Slic3r is one of the best pieces of software out there. It gives great control over how an object is converted, and can save you hours upon hours of frustration by producing great prints. This book will show you how.

Instant Slic3r strives to give you a good foundation for what Slic3r can do. It offers a hands-on way to learn about how Slic3r works, and how you can use its powerful features to produce great prints. It takes you from the beginning setup, through advanced features such as post processing the G-Code that it produces. You will get a good grasp on how Slic3r works, and ways to troubleshoot your prints to make the best objects your printer can produce.

Instant Slic3r covers where to get Slic3r and how to install it on a variety of platforms, and helps lead you through the setup and tweaking your personal printer settings. The book is clearly laid out and easy to follow, but with information that even experienced users of Slic3r will find useful. You will learn how Slic3r converts your model into G-Code. Then, you will learn how to not only read that G-Code, but how you can write scripts for post-processing the output, before it is sent to the printer. You will also learn what things can go wrong with printing, and how you can use Slic3r to troubleshoot the issue and then fix it. Along with this, you will learn how to improve your printing by delving into Slic3r’s expert settings.

The book is filled with examples, leading you through not only how to do things, but why they need to be done. After you are finished with this book, you will have a deeper understanding of Slic3r and 3D printing.

What you will learn from this book

  • Learn what Slic3r does and how it works
  • Set up and calibrate Slic3r to your printer and plastics
  • Use Slic3r with different printers and software
  • Understand advanced setup techniques and profiles for various printing scenarios
  • Change settings to correct model issues while printing
  • Run Slic3r from the command line for automation and greater control
  • Read the G-Code that Slic3r outputs
  • Create and use post-processing scripts to alter Slic3r’s output


Filled with practical, step-by-step instructions and clear explanations for the most important and useful tasks. Instant Slic3r follows a practical, recipe-based approach that will show you how to complete the various steps to turn 3D models into actual objects with a 3D printer.

Who this book is written for

Instant Slic3r is for people new to 3D printing and its software, and also for people who are new to Slic3r. You will need to know the basics of 3D printing, and how to use your printer and the other software associated with it.

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