Blender 3D Basics

Blender 3D Basics

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Author: Fisher Gordon
Avg. price: $44.99
Publisher: Packt Publishing; 1 edition (June 22, 2012)
Format: Paperback
Length: 468 pages
Language: English

Book Description

Publication Date: June 22, 2012 | Edition: 1 | ISBN-10: 1849516901 | ISBN-13: 978-1849516907

The complete novice’s guide to 3D modeling and animation

  • The best starter guide for complete newcomers to 3D modeling and animation
  • Easier learning curve than any other book on Blender
  • You will learn all the important foundation skills ready to apply to any 3D software

In Detail

Blender is by far the most popular open source graphics program available. It is a full featured 3D modeling, animation and games development tool used by millions all over the world – and it’s free! This book is for those looking for an entry into the world of 3D modeling and animation regardless of prior experience.

Blender 3D Basics is the entry level book for those without prior experience using 3D tools. It caters for those who may have downloaded Blender in the past but were frustrated by its lack of intuitiveness. Using simple steps it builds, chapter by chapter, into a full foundation in 3D modeling and animation.

Using Blender 3D Basics the reader will model a maritime scene complete with boats and water, then add materials, lighting and animation. The book demystifies the Blender interface and explains what each tool does so that you will be left with a thorough understanding of 3D.

What you will learn from this book

  • How to create 3D objects in blender
  • How to compose a scene ready for animation
  • Loading, saving, importing and exporting various file formats
  • Create a full animation using key-frames on a timeline
  • Adding simple materials and lighting your scene
  • Rendering and compositing the final animation sequence
  • Add stereoscopic 3D effects


Written in a step by step tutorial style, learning comes as a result of creating the fully animated scene and the explanations that follow each stage.

Who this book is written for

Blender 3D Basics is great for anyone who is new to Blender or new to 3D.

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