PLA 3d Printer Filament, WHITE color, 1.75mm

PLA 3d Printer Filament, WHITE color, 1.75mm

VN:F [1.9.22_1171]
Brand name: ORD Solutions
Avg. price: $49.99
Part number: 3PFPLA1KGISW
Color: White
Item weight: 2.2 pounds


  • Works with all 3D Filament Printers, including MakerBot, RepRap
  • Consistent diameter and color for high quality printing
  • 1 KG Spool (2.2 lbs), 1.75 mm diameter
  • Filament has round cross-section
  • Color: White

Material Description

This product is in stock and available for immediate shipment. One (1) Kilogram of WHITE color, high quality PLA filament, 1.75mm diameter. Consistent diameter. Round shape. Good color. Works with all the filament 3D printers.

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